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Everything you want to know about Ceylon Tea Brands. 
 / Ceylon Tea  / Everything you want to know about Ceylon Tea Brands. 
29 Apr

Everything you want to know about Ceylon Tea Brands. 

Ceylon Tea has earned its place as the world’s best and cleanest tea in the global market. Ask an expert, “What is the highest quality tea?” There is a high probability for him to answer, “That would be a tea which comes from Ceylon.” Sri Lanka claimed to be the third-largest tea exporter and the fourth largest tea producer in the world in 2019. It is a popular fact that the world’s cleanest tea comes from Sri Lanka. Since several Ceylon black tea brands, consumers have  trouble finding the best Ceylon Tea brand among them. This article will talk about some of the top Ceylon Tea brands to quickly pick the type of tea you are seeking.

Ceylon Tea Brands

Pure Ceylon Tea brands

Known as the best tea in the World, Ceylon Tea has marked its name for its unique flavor, fragrance, and freshness. The ‘Ceylon Tea’ trademarks and the Lion logo assure that it’s a genuine product of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan experts of tea plucking have exclusively handpicked the leaves for Ceylon Tea. Made through conventional and artisanal methods, Ceylon Tea contains a delicate touch of Sri Lankan tradition and culture. It is also the cleanest and freshest tea available in the global market. To preserve freshness, aroma, and flavor, the manufacturers have expertly packed teas in just three weeks of harvesting. Ceylon Tea does not use any Methyl-Bromide during packaging or shipping and is the world’s first Ozone Friendly Tea.

Here are some top Ceylon Tea brands and Tea Companies in Sri Lanka who have launched their tea business in Sri Lanka.

  • Alwazah Tea
  • Impra Tea
  • Basilur Ceylon Tea
  • Sindbad Ceylon Tea
  • Bigelow Ceylon Tea
  • Stassen Ceylon Tea
  • Taylors of Harrogate Ceylon Tea
  • Bigelow Ceylon Tea

Those are the high-quality tea brands that manufacture and grant only the best Ceylon Tea products to the market. Except for the above Sri Lankan Tea brands list, there are more rising and upcoming companies in Sri Lanka.

Now we are going to have a journey to observe Ceylon Tea brands separately. The taste of the teas varies from person to person. There are no definite answers for questions like, what is the best Ceylon tea? Or what is the best tea in Sri Lanka? What is the best teabag brand? The answers are flexible to the person who tastes a particular tea. So try the brands you want and let the sips of teas answer you directly. I hope this will help you have a clearer insight when deciding the best luxury tea brands, best organic tea brands, or best herbal tea brands.

Dilmah Tea

        Dilmah is a Sri Lankan family tea company founded by Merrill J. Fernand. They call him the world’s most experienced tea maker, who has championed authenticity, quality, and variety in tea. In 1988, Dilmah invented the concept of Single Origin Tea. Garden fresh and unblended tea symbolizes Dilmah and grants a unique taste of unblended Ceylon Tea.

         Dilmah Tea is Ethical, and all packaging profits fund the MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation. Dilmah considers that “Business is a Matter of Human Service.”

Dilmah tea review

Sri Lankan-based Dilmah Tea is the world’s only global single-origin tea brand which is also the number one tea in 10 countries. This tea brand brings a higher-grade and healthier product to American tea drinkers for the first time. Sold in over 90 countries, Dilmah Tea has marked its name as the global authority on tea trends and gourmet tastes. Dilmah adds twice the antioxidant content in their Green Ceylon Tea as that of another well-known competitor.

The freshness of Dilmah tea that comes with foil-sealed packaging and hand-selected tea leaves makes a critical difference. Many tea manufacturers purchase their tea from different countries and import it in bulk for packing long after harvesting tea leaves. Yet tea manufactures like Dilmah owns and manages their plantations and quickly pack their products at the origin. This process courses a significantly healthier, tastier, and more flavorful product that comes to retail shelves with extra freshness.

I had the pleasure to have an assortment of Dilmah teas, and I must tell that it impressed me incredibly. Being a fan of green tea, I chose to try their Ceylon Green Variety Pack, 100% pure Ceylon Tea. Their incredible flavors could completely shock me. If you try Dilmah’s teas, do not miss their Green with Lemongrass Leaves, which perfectly matches the morning breakfast.

Furthermore, the beautiful designer gourmet teas are perfect for your kitchen. Each of these boxes comes with beautiful decorations. You will see each delicate tea bag sealed within the container. This is a very impressive, fascinating, and perfect way to keep your tea fresh. The Ceylon Young Hyson Green Pure Ceylon Luxury Leaf Bags by Dilmah that come inside beautifully crafted bags were incredible.

According to a comparative analysis of the antioxidant levels comparing best-selling specialty teas, Dilmah’s teas showed significantly higher antioxidant levels. It was higher than Bigelow and Twinings, in both black and green teas. Ceylon Green Tea that Dilmah manufactures contains twice the antioxidant content when compared with Bigelow Green Tea.

The same research showed that Dilmah’s Earl Grey contains 50% more antioxidants when compared to Twinings Earl Grey. Brunswick Labs, LLC, did an independent study and confirmed what earlier studies had shown as well. Dilmah tea producers ensure fresh-pack their tea at source in foil-wrapped tea bags and quickly ship them soon after plucking. This provides consumers with a quality end product that contains the highest level of antioxidants.

The history and story of Dilmah teas are ideal. Internet users can visit their website to know their astounding story. It will reveal the basis of their 100% Pure Ceylon Teas, packaged in a sophisticated and fresh display. Dilmah teas are perfect for one’s morning cup, an evening sip, and to offer guests during the holidays. Their teabags are pleasing to the eye, almost too beautiful to drink. But do not think the beauty of the unique packaging will deceive your taste as all the flavors are incredible. You will enjoy every sip and savor every moment of the Dilmah tea experience.

Although most green teas throughout the world have a Chinese origin, the bushes used to make Dilmah’s green teas are different. Many tea experts believe Dilmah teas have a higher level of antioxidants and produce a better tasting, fuller-bodied green tea.

In addition to that, what many consumers don’t know is that tea’s quality begins to decline from the harvesting day. As Dilmah Tea is from a single origin (formerly Ceylon), they uniquely pack their products within a few weeks after harvesting.

Grown in the prime tea lands in Sri Lanka, this tea results in a tea that is not only a much higher quality. It also contains more antioxidants than other tea brands in the global market.

Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Tea USA

Consumers can purchase Dilmah tea selection of,

  • Single-origin pure Ceylon green teas,
  • Premium single-origin pure Ceylon black teas
  • Watte single estate teas


  • Giant, Hy-Vee,
  • Big Y, King Kullen,
  • QFC,
  • Earthfare and
  • Harmon’s supermarkets as well as other supermarkets and retail outlets.

Or you can also order Dilmah’s pure Ceylon Tea online on

  • Dilmah’s website,
  • Amazon.com,
  • Alice.com and
  • Teadog.com.

 The black and green teas have a proposed retail price of $3.69 per box, while the single estate Watte tins have a suggested retail price of $7.99 per tin.

 Dilmah tea bags

You can purchase Dilmah tea bags from anywhere in the world available at Dilmah’s online store. Dilmah started its sustainability journey in 2000. Since then, they have eliminated 421,052Kgs of plastics. The biodegradability of their teabags varies from 98% to 100%, based on the composition.

Dilmah tea flavors

  • Dilmah Tea Types
  1.  Black Tea
  2.  Flavoured Black Tea
  3.  Green Tea
  4.  Flavoured Green Tea
  5.  Earl Grey
  6.  Chai and Herbal Infusion
  • Dilmah Tea Flavours
  1.  Fruity
  2.  Spicy
  3.  Mint
  4.  Citrus
  5.  Sweet
  6.  Creamy
  7.  Tangy
  8.  Floral
  9.  Herbal
  • Dilmah Tae Ranges.
  1.  Premium Ceylon Single Origin Tea
  2.  Single Region Selection
  3.  Vivid Tea Selection
  4.  Silver Jubilee Gourmet
  5.  t-Series, Designer Gourmet Teas
  6.  Ceylon Green Tea
  • Dilmah Tea Strength
  1.  Very Light
  2.  Light
  3.  Medium
  4.  Strong
  5.  Gentle
  • Caffeine Level of Dilamh Teas
  1.  High
  2.  Medium

Zesta tea

Zesta is another brand that has perfected the art of tea. Zesta Tea Company offers consumers the best quality Ceylon Teacup. They manufacture tea, assuring the quality of the tea from the moment of handpicking tea leaves to being packed fresh at the source. Zesta finishes up producing their tea within just a few days of picking.

Launched in 1998, Zesta is the parent brand of tea for Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd as well. Offering excellent taste and uncompromising quality, Zesta tea today has become a brand that delivers exceptional Ceylon Tea. Today, Watawala Tea has gained an estimated 35% market share within a relatively short period of near 15 years. Zesta is vital as the manufacturers ensure that they are on par with international standards of process and quality. Their group holding company holds a joint business partnership between Pyramid Wilmar Plantations and Sunshine Holdings.

The seven billion teacups that consumers purchase worldwide prove the popularity of tea as a drink, second only to water. The Chinese discovered the tea plant quite by accident, almost 5000 years ago. Since then, tea has been providing its tasters with a sense of solace and comfort. Zesta has captured the hearts of consumers across with world with their enticing Ceylon Teas and their undying passion and dedication. They say it is their motive to produce the perfect cup of tea.

Zesta makes iconic Ceylon Tea, which stands unparalleled in the industry, offering only fresh flavored, high-quality tea. Ceylon Tea grows at various elevations, which include: High Grown Mid Grown and Low Grown. Each area offers a different taste and character to the tea. Zesta’s sister companies, Watawala Plantations and Hatton Plantations, have 17 estates spread across three elevations.

Zesta doesn’t just offer you a fresh brew of tea. It gives you the experience of more than just drinking tea. From the first sip that wets your lips to the final one that leaves your tongue, Zesta tea will amaze you. Their skilled tea pluckers look for the finest, followed by the rolling and drying process until it gets packed.

  • One of the Largest Producer and Largest Plantation Company of Ceylon Tea.

Once the pluckers collect them, the fresh tea leaves go through, creating the perfect blend for you. Then the manufacturers pack tea leaves in bags, tins, and sachets before sending it to your store. Zesta’s sister companies Watawala Plantations and Hatton Plantations, produce 25 million kilograms of tea within a year.

  • A Branded Tea Company in Sri Lanka

Watawala Tea Ceylon Limited (WTCL) is the parent company for Zesta tea. It is Sri Lanka’s leading branded tea company that holds 35% of the market share. In less than 1.5 decades, Zesta continuously surpassed, challenged, and consolidated against stiff competition, with both international and local brands in the market.

  • Member of Sunshine Holdings

Sunshine Holdings is a joint venture between Pyramid Wilmar Plantations. This exposure confirms that Zesta tea is on par with the highest international standards regarding process and quality.

  • Consistent Quality – Constant progress with our process

Zesta consists of a team of experts, including pluckers, planters, tasters, and marketers who know and love tea well. Tea is a beautiful art created with a good brew of passion. Zesta follows an intense quality control system that delivers and ensures the highest tea packaging and tea production quality. A team of tea specialists at Zesta tastes over 1,000 freshly brewed cups daily to offer a perfect cup of tea.

Watawala Tea

Watawala Tea Ceylon Limited (WTCL) is the parent company for Zesta tea in Sri Lanka. It is one of the Sri Lankan leading branded tea companies that hold 35% of the market share.

The undisputed magic brew of tea brings joy to millions around the world. There is nothing quite like a new teacup to those who truly treasure its power. Those who seek perfection know that there is nothing quite like Ceylon Tea.

  At Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd, they have tried to perfect the ‘art of tea’ – as their worldwide customers readily agree. Grown in the pithy plantations in Sri Lanka and well processed to the highest standards, they offer the perfect tea brew. Their range of teas meets the tastes and needs of every tea lover, from the reviewer to the masses.

Watawala Tea

Watawala Tea Brands
  •        Zesta BOPF Tea
  •         Watawala Tea
  •         Ran Kahata
  •         Zest Bottle Water
  •         Watawala Wathura
  •         Tribe

Zesta tea types.

  • Specialty Grades
  • BOP
  • BOPF
  • FBOP
  • OP
  • Packaging
  • Individual Zesta Tea Bags
  • Large Leaf
  • Loose Leaf
  • Pyramid Tea Bags
  • Collection
  •         Connoisseur Collection
  •         Luxury Collection
  •         Premium Collection
  •         Single Estate Teas
  • Tea Type
  •         Black Tea
  •         Flavored Tea
  •         Green Tea
  •         Herbal Infusion
  •         White Tea
  • Mood
  •         Adventurous
  •         Calming
  •         Energizing
  •         Feel Good
  •         Healing
  •         Refreshing
  •         Relaxing
  •         Wake Me Up
  • Time of Day

Enjoy a perfect cup of Zesta Tea with their Premium Collection, Connoisseur Collection, Luxury teas, and herbal infusions. They will bring an extra sense of elegance to your cup of tea. Zesta has perfected the ‘art of tea,’ so no matter which variety of their tea you decide to experience. You will always enjoy the finest Ceylon Teacup.

Zesta Tea price

The following list will show you the prices of famous Zesta tea in USA and mostly demanded Zesta tea. You can visit their website to seek a complete list of Zesta tea with their flavors and prices.

  • Zesta Assorted Tea Treat- USD 44.00
  • Blueberry and Pomegranate Exquisite Brew- USD 20.00
  • Cinnamon Black Tea- USD 10.00
  • Citrus Spice- USD 28.00
  • Classical Brew- Kenilworth BOP- USD 20.00
  • Classical Brew- Kenilworth FBOP- USD 19.00
  • Classical Brew- Kenilworth OP- USD 19.00Classical Brew- Kenilworth PEKOE- USD 20.00
  • Detox Terminator- USD 24.00
  • Golden Tin Collection- FBOPF1 special 100g- USD 25.00
  • Golden Tin Collection- Silver Tips 40g- USD 32.00

Zesta Tea Bags.

  • Earl Gray Loose Leaf- 250g- USD 12.00
  • Zesta BOPF 100% Pure Ceylon Tea, 100- Tea Bags, 200 grams in total – USD 19.99 ($566.29 / Ounce)
  • Zesta Apple Black Tea, 25 tea bags- USD 10.00
  • Earl Gray 25 Tea Bags- USD 10.00
  • English Breakfast- 100 tea bags- USD 20.00
  • English Breakfast- pyramid tea bags- From USD 9 to 20
  • Green Tea 25 tea bags- USD 10.00

Mlesna tea

In 1983 a young team of tea experts who had a passion for quality invented a new brand of superior tea. Thus Mlesna tea in Sri Lanka came to the global market.

 At “Mlesna,” their ambition is not just to sell packaged teas but to give consumers quality teas in beautiful packages.

  Consisting less than ten people “Mlesna” team set their work to create quality teas in the most selectively designed packages.

 With humble beginnings, team Mlesna does their best to package teas in new and creative ways. Their unique and classy packages have attracted the tea connoisseurs into the world of exclusive teas. It has also driven Mlesna into a particular market for value-added teas.

 Today Mlesna Company has 20 years of experience, around 3000 different products and a permanent staff of more than 350. “Mlesna” strives to give their customers, the connoisseurs, the same they did 20 years ago. They manufacture superior quality teas that come in exquisite packaging. In doing so, “Mlesna” has outstretched its wings worldwide and provides service to a clientele of 50 countries.

 Mlesna continues to strive for excellence with skilled tea tasters, blenders of varied tea knowledge, and packaging experts. They have quality gurus and a drive that only a few people will be able to show.

Mlesna ensures the quality of their tea no matter what type it is. Be it green or black, drunk plain, or with milk, “Mlesna” offers the best quality teas that can impress you. They say that Mlesna tea matches with no other tea, and the connoisseurs always wish to drink Mlesna flavors. With that, “Mlesna” keeps their word, offering “Naturally the Best” tea to the world.

Mlesna Tea Bags

 Mlesna tea bags come under three categories: Non-flavored tea, Flavored tea, and Herbal infusions. Under all these three types there are,

  • Non- Envelope tea bags
  • Paper Envelope tea bags
  • Foil Laminated Envelope tea bags
Non- Flavoured and Flavoured Non- Envelope tea bags
  • Ceylon gold luxury blend
  • Pure Ceylon Tea- elephant design
  • Earl gray
  • English breakfast
  • Green gold
  • Sencha green tea
  • Kandy
  • Teddy bear party
  • Premium highland Ceylon Tea
Non- Flavoured and Flavoured Paper Envelope tea bags.

Twenty-four special tea types are available in this particular range of 2g tea bags. Each tea bag consists of a string and a tag, with 20 paper envelopes per carton.

Normal Mlesna tea
  • Earl gray
  • Honey tea
  • Jasmine tea
  • Rose tea
  • Mandarin tea
  • Blueberry tea
  • Cherry tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Camomile tea
  • Pineapple tea
  • Blackberry tea
  • Raspberry tea
  • Apple tea
  • Mellon tea
  • Green tea
  • Ranbttone tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Mango tea
  • Vanilla tea
  • Kiwi tea
  • Peach tea
  • Passion fruit tea
  • Lime tea
  • Soursop tea
  • Banana tea
  • Blackcurrent tea
Mlesna flavored teas

In these teas, natural flavor extracts bring the flavors, and these come as assortments of,

  • 20 tea bag cartons
  • 30 tea bag cartons
  • 40 tea bag acrylic boxes
  • Five teabag mini-units

Types of Mlesna flavored tea bags

  • Blueberry tea
  • Caramel tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Darjeeling tea
  • Earl gray tea
  • Jasmin tea
  • Lemon tea
  • Mango tea
  • Mint tea
  • Monk’s blend tea
  • Strawberry tea
  • Peach apricot tea
  • Pure peppermint tea
  • Pure camomile tea
Non- Flavoured and Flavoured Foil Laminated Envelope tea bags

These are assortments come in 30 envelope dispenser cartons making the product easy extractable. These Mlesna products are suitable for both domestic use and catering purposes.

All the above flavors mentioned under the Mlesna tea flavored bags are also available under this category. Usually, the quantity of each Foil Laminated Envelope tea carton is 60 grams.

Herbal infusions

Mlesna manufactures have created their Herbal infusions tea bag series blending herb ingredients with their tea. They have used both worldwide popular herbs and endemic Sri Lankan herbs to make them. The following list of their herbal teas will prove that.

  • Polpala tea(Polpala is a Sri Lankan herb indigenous)
  • Camomile tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Herb Tea Bag Mat Basket

Lipton Ceylonta

Where does Lipton Ceylonta come from? Lipton Ceylonta is a tea brand popular with households in Sri Lanka. It is also a brand that introduced the goodness of tea and its eminence to the local consumer. Its quality assured admixture contains clear, neat, and smaller tea leaves and holds BOPF (Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings) grade conformance. Lipton Ceylonta tea offers customers good tea at a reasonable price. 100% pure Lipton Ceylonta Tea bags are available in the market, pricing $8 for 100 tea bags. Both Lipton black and green teas come with different flavors and aromas. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea is trending among Sri Lankan regular flavors these days.

George Steuart

The history of George Steuart & Company closely intertwines with the fortunes of the Sri Lankan tea industry. Many companies cannot claim the intimate knowledge and expertise from being the authentic Ceylon Tea People. Today George Steuart Teas has become one of the country’s prime exporters of Ceylon Tea. The company holds a suite of exclusive tea-based tea products and value-added packaging. It continues to market the company’s original blends in their exact form.

George Steuart experts closely control all the tea processing steps, including buying, blending, warehousing, and packaging. They deploy the company’s resources, such as ultra-modern tea bagging, state-of-the-art blending facilities, and fully automated packaging. The experienced tea tasters of the company create a wide range of quality tea products while following strict international food safety and quality standards.

 The ‘Steuart Tea’ range includes Black Tea, Green Tea, Flavoured Tea, and Herbal Tea. This lineup makes up the stock of the export portfolio created for key global markets. In 2013, George Steuart stepped upon a new journey to market their pure Ceylon Tea to the local consumer.

George Steuart Ceylon Tea blends and Steuart tea price.

  • Black tea collection- 25 tea bags cost around $3.5
  • Flavored collection
  • Leafy collection
  • Fruit Flavoured collection
  • Pure black tea collection
  • Dimbula collection
  • Metal caddies flavored black tea collection
  • Metal caddies pure black tea collection
  • Peper Canister Pure black tea collection

Green tea collection-25 tea bags cost around $3.5

  • Green Tea Super Mint
  • Green Tea Jasmin
  • Green Tea Melissa
  • Green Tea Clemon Ginger
  • Flavoured Green tea collection
  • Pure Green Tea

Herbal tea collection- 25 tea bags cost around $3.5

  • Camomile tea
  • Cinnamon tea
  • Rooibos
  • Hibiscus tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Strawberry Raspberry tea
  • Herbal White Metal Caddie Collection

Local tea range

  • Steuarts Premium BOPF
  • Steuarts Rosa Kahata
  • Steuart Ginger

Gift tea collection

  • 3 Caddie Wooden Box- Heritage
  • 3 Caddie Wooden Box Leafy
  • 6 Compartment Wooden Box
  • 5 Compartment Wooden Box
  • Regional BOP Caddies
  • Masks of Sri Lanka
  • Assortment gift collection
  • Golden Tips
  • Silver Tips

Steuart ceylon collection

  • Calming Camomile
  • English breakfast
  • Mixed fruit
  • Original Orchard Blend
  • Queen’s Choice
  • Zesty Lemon
  • Royal Delight
  • Vintage Earl Gray

Alwazah Ceylon Tea

From the Highlands of Sri Lanka to the cups of the world…

The legacy of Ceylon Tea has satisfied and captivated millions around the world for decades. Continuing that, Alwazah offers Ceylon Tea to the global market under the highest standards of quality.

Single Origin Pure Ceylon Tea.

Alwazah Tea offers the same age-old supreme richness of 100% Ceylon Tea. But they create products mainly to satisfy the Arab palate. This ability to cater to collective preferences has become a primary focus for them. It has also coursed a continuously growing popularity of the brand. Alwazah Teas (Swan Brand) are available in many countries, from the USA all across the World to Australia. They are currently focusing on further expanding to new markets.

Keeping in line with their commitment to catering to varying preferences, they offer their tea in different varieties. The Royal Alwazah Premium series consists of Teabags and the Pure Ceylon Green Tea, and Alwazah Long Leaf Black Tea. These teas come with a natural Jasmine flavor, packed in canisters. Our packing obeys all regulations, and it includes the recent call for the stoppage of tea bags with staples as well. They responded to that by introducing the Royal Alwazah Premium series with Staple-Free Teabags.

Tea grows in several districts in Sri Lanka, which is the largest tea exporter in the world. The tea plantation areas cover 200,000 hectares and range in elevation from near sea level to over 2,000 meters higher. After harvesting, over 700 factories buy these tea situated at various heights. In those, they produce six different types of tea depending on their climatic conditions and geographical location. One of these areas makes special tea that Alwazah or Swan Brand sells. Alwazah Brand receives suitable teas from the factories located at an elevation of fewer than 600 meters above sea level.

Manufacturing process.

 Alwazah tea makers manufacture their products within hours of harvesting. They also make sure to pack them only a few days after manufacture. Therefore, you can say Alwazah Tea is garden fresh, thus retain the original quality. Their tea tasters weekly analyze and examine samples of approximately 7,000 different types of tea to obtain suitable flavors.

Alwazah tea tasting and blending staff have mainly joined the company just after completing their education. They all have received special training over the years to analyze the different characteristics of each tea. Their main ambition is to find Teas suitable to package under the Alwazah name. Also, this staff ensures that every bit of Alwazah tea consists of identical quality and taste. Finally, every Alwasah blend goes to their Master Blender to have personal approval before packaging.

Alwazah Brand Tea originated in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which mainly had the market in the West Bank area. Unfortunately, the 1967 War spread to these areas and coursed to end the business. However, George Payne & Co. (Ceylon) Ltd. looked for different markets. Currently, Alwazah Tea has established itself in the Arab world and lands with ethnic Arabic communities. Alwazah Tea is now available from East to West – from Australia to the USA, and has millions of consumers’ demand.

Alwazah tea review

This was another fantastic beverage at a local middle-eastern store. I am already a great fan of Alghazaleen and Ahmad teas, and Alwasah was another tea in the same genre. However, it comes with some interesting differences between those two teas. Among those teas, this Alwasah tea tasted more similar to Ahmad’s Ceylon OPA, but I liked it better.

  The dry leaf is wiry, dark, and consisting of amazingly intact pieces of tea leaf. It’s only delicately aromatic, with deep fruity notes but not much anything else. The leaf’s appearance impressed me more than its smell did.

  Alwazah tea brews a very dark cup. The flavor and mouthfeel are incredibly crisp and clean. The aroma is quite complex, which exceeded my expectations set up by the leaf.

The deep fruity notes come out from the dry leaf. But above all, there is a beautiful toasty quality, almost slightly smoky, which brings hints of wood and grain. The aroma is a little reminiscent of some darker Chinese oolongs, ones with both roast and oxidation. Anyway, the overall tea-drinking experience is more typical for a black tea. The teacup is smooth, even if the brew is potent. I also found this tea is easy to brew as it tastes good, whether brewed solid or mild. When brewed stronger, there is a pleasant, dark finish, not too much, just enough to make this tea more refreshing.

Always tea is also great to make good iced tea. It produces iced tea that is a little thinner but more refreshing, dark and deep but pleasantly cooling.

 I highly recommend this tea, especially to people who love strong black teas as well as darker oolongs. This one combines aspects of them both in a slightly trickish way. The value of this Alwasah tea is exceptional. I paid around $8 for 14 ounces, and I think that was a great deal.

 I only hope this tea was more widely available. I had to go back to where I bought it to get some more as a gift. It was disappointing to find that it no longer in stock. Like many popular middle-eastern brands, this tea is more significant than mainstream brands sold in much of the US. So I wish more people could get onto this particular tea and other similar.

Alwazah Green Tea

It is well-known that green tea is good for health and fat burning. Alwazah Green Tea especially contains antioxidants that can help to prevent cancer formation. To brew it, Measure one teaspoonful of Alwazah Green Tea per person. Pour warm but not boiling water over the leaves in a small cup or a pot. Leave it to stand for one to one and half minutes. Now you are ready to enjoy your Alwazah Green Tea.

Alwazah tea bags

You can purchase 100% pure Ceylon Alwazah Teabags either online or by visiting a tea shop. 110 tea bags cost around $12.00.

Impra tea

Established in 1994, Impra tea has now marked its presence significantly in the Ceylon Tea industry. They offer creations of unique flavors, blends, and varieties that are available worldwide. From entering the global market to adapting to the latest technology, Impra has developed its path by inventing quality tea.

Impra Tea Range.

  • Black Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Flavored Tea
  • Specialty tea

Many tea collections are available under the above categories in physical and online markets.

Basilur Ceylon Tea

Basilur brand is another Ceylon Tea manufacturer that offers 100% pure tea to the global market. They produce Ceylon Tea consisting of premium grades from the best plantations in Sri Lanka. Basilur tea has attracted many consumers towards the brand just by their packagings’ classy and vintage appearance.

Sindbad Ceylon Tea

Sindbad is a family business that has been in the tea industry for over 50 years exporting quality Ceylon Tea. Their products have reached some of the most demanding markets in the USA, the Middle East, and the European Union. Antioxidant levels in Sindbad Ceylon Tea keep up the body young and protect the body from damage from pollution.

Bigelow Ceylon Tea

Bigelow is a family tea blender since 1945, which offers pure Ceylon Tea for over 75 years and three generations. There are many premium blends under the Bigelow brand, and all their products are available in the market. The average price of a pure Bigelow Ceylon Tea box of 100 tea bags is $3.5.

Stassen Ceylon Tea

Stassen, which has a history since 1977, is a company that now has evolved into a diversified group. They have a portfolio that spans a broad spectrum of ventures. Over 80 countries, Stessen Ceylon Teas are available in bulk, tea packets, tea bags, and specialty packs.

Taylors of Harrogate Ceylon Tea

This is a family business based in the historic spa town in England, which runs the tea industry since 1886. They have devoted themselves to manufacturing outstanding tea and coffee. One of their products is pure Ceylon Tea, and a range of teas is available in the global market.


There are several Ceylon Tea manufacturers, and all of them compete in offering the best tea to the global market. This competition has caused a series of quality Ceylon Tea products with various flavors and aromas. It is unnecessary to visit merchants to buy pure Ceylon Tea as anyone can purchase them from home online.  The following Tea Websites will provide every detail you want to know about their products.

  • Dilmah- www.Dilmahtea.com
  • Zesta- www.zestaceylontea.com
  • Lipton- www.lipton.com
  • Impra- www.impratea.com
  • George Steuart-www.gsteas.lk
  • Alwazah Ceylon Tea-www.alwazahtea.com
  • Basilur Ceylon tea -www.basilurtea.com
  • Sindbad Ceylon Tea -www.sindbad.lk
  • Bigelow Ceylon tea -www.bigelowtea.com
  • Stassen Ceylon tea -www.stassentea.com
  • Taylors of Harrogate Ceylon Tea- www.taylorsofharrogate.com


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