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Ceylon Tea
29 Apr

Everything you want to know about Ceylon Tea Brands. 

Ceylon Tea has earned its place as the world's best and cleanest tea in the global market. Ask an expert, "What is the highest quality tea?" There is a high probability for him to answer, "That would be a tea which comes from Ceylon." Sri Lanka claimed to be the third-largest tea exporter and the fourth largest tea producer in the world in 2019. It is a popular fact that the world's cleanest tea comes from Sri Lanka. Since several Ceylon black tea brands, consumers have  trouble finding the best Ceylon Tea...

29 Apr

Tea grades in Sri Lanka

 Sri Lankan tea cultivation spreads over 188,000 hectares and takes harvest of "made" Tea about 298,000 tons. Sri Lanka owed more than 19% of world exports. Before 1972 Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon. Nowadays, the word "Ceylon" is used as a tea brand name. Sri Lanka has diversified climatic conditions. Thus based on agro-climatic districts such as Dimbula, Uva, Nuwara Eliya, Uda Pussellawa, Kandy, and Ruhuna, teas got their unique taste, style, and character. Types of Tea Dimbula: This agro-climatic district is the most famous name in Ceylon on Tea and is considered...

29 Apr

Sri Lanka tea business-The tea industry in Sri Lanka

Introduced in 1867, Ceylon Tea has grown to be the top agriculture export in Sri Lanka. It offers direct and indirect employment to nearly 1 million humans even as around 4 % of the land location is blanketed in tea plantations amounting to about 203000 hectares. Sri Lanka is an island made for Tea. The united states produce Tea for the year, and the overall tea production is about 340 million kilograms in line with annum. Sri Lanka's tea-developing regions are mainly concentrated inside the island's critical highlands and southern inland areas. Tea grown in those regions is widely grouped according to their elevations. High-grown Tea sourced from tea plantations found from 1200 m upwards; medium-grown Tea from estates scattered among six hundred m to 1200 m and occasional grown Tea from sea degree up to 600 m. Besides, Sri Lanka's tea-developing regions are also divided into seven most essential areas primarily based particularly at the terroir, specifically Nuwara...

29 Apr

Dilmah Tea, an essence to the traditional beverage culture in Ceylon 

Ceylon or, in modern name Sri Lanka is globally famous for its agricultural export items. Tea is one of the superior products from those, and there are certain Ceylon tea brands also play in the global market. When you talk about tea and its related products, there is none other than the name of Dilmah; it is the first name you remember. Dilmah tea Ceylon has already won the entire global market with its unique and traditional flavors with the modern essence. So, it is sure that any tea lover already read on Dilmah tea...

16 Apr

Insight to the Top tea factories and estates/plantations in Sri Lanka 2022

Sri Lanka has always been popular for Ceylon tea. The reputation Ceylon tea has for the quality and standard of the products is admirable. Sri Lanka has been able to provide not only the best quality but also the finest taste a tea could possibly have. Many manufacturers in Sri Lanka produce tea polishing the Ceylon tea name over the years. Therefore, it is worth looking into the Best tea factory list in 2021 and recognizes who makes this fine tea. Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory Blue Field Tea Factory Handunugoda...

16 Apr

Tea manufacturing process in Sri Lanka

If you like tea, you are probably aware that we make tea from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. However, if you are new to the world of tea, you may find this idea perplexing. How can a single leaf produce such a wide range of flavors? you might also be wondering about the manufacturing process and how it becomes the tea that you consume each morning or anytime of the day. Let us find out the tea manufacturing process in Sri Lanka People have developed their methods for growing...

Tea auction in Sri Lanka 
16 Apr

Tea auction in Sri Lanka 

Sri Lanka is a South Asian country, which holds it is named for manufacturing one of the best and magnificent teas. Sri Lanka produces around 300,000 metric tons of tea per year. Besides 90% of it goes to buyers at tea auction in Sri Lanka. You may have heard about Sri Lanka tea and might be wondering how to buy it. You can easily buy them through online platforms.  History of Colombo Tea auction Sri Lanka   In the office of Somerville & Co., (Janadhipathi Mawatha), conducted the first tea auction on July...

16 Apr

Birth of a delight – History of Ceylon tea & cultivation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tea history runs back to the time where Sri Lanka was a British colony named Ceylon, hence the name Ceylon Tea. The first tea plant in Sri Lanka Peradeniya Botanical Gardens is imported from China in 1824. It is the first non-commercial tea plant in the country. James Taylor planted 19 acres of tea in Loolecondra Estate, Kandy, in 1867 as the first commercial tea estate in Ceylon tea history. The establishment of this estate was a great step in Ceylon tea plantation history too. While the honour...

Where to buy Ceylon cinnamon
16 Apr

Where to buy Ceylon Cinnamon? – Read before You Make a Purchase!

Since ancient times, the world has had a unique bond with cinnamon. It is a spice that, once, was considered much more valuable than gold. Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum syn. Cinnamomum zeylanicum), which we are concerned about at this point, is the most expensive and rarest variety of cinnamon in the world. It is also called “true cinnamon” or “pure cinnamon” and is native to Sri Lanka, a small island in South Asia. The majority of the world’s Ceylon cinnamon production (80%-90%) occurs in Sri Lanka. However, Madagascar and Seychelles grow...

Ceylon tea
16 Apr

Everything you want to know about Ceylon tea. 

Ceylon tea is a tea brand which Sri Lanka manufactures. Ceylon tea is not just a commercial product but also a representation of Sri Lankan heritage, culture, and identity. Sri Lanka claimed to be the third-largest tea exporter and the fourth largest tea producer in the world in 2019. It is lovely that the world's most quality and cleanest tea comes from this tiny island of just 65000 sq. km. Any tea aesthete would not hesitate to applaud Ceylon tea as it has already become the "favorite tea" of many....