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Dilmah Tea, an essence to the traditional beverage culture in Ceylon 
 / Ceylon Tea  / Dilmah Tea, an essence to the traditional beverage culture in Ceylon 
29 Apr

Dilmah Tea, an essence to the traditional beverage culture in Ceylon 

Ceylon or, in modern name Sri Lanka is globally famous for its agricultural export items. Tea is one of the superior products from those, and there are certain Ceylon tea brands also play in the global market. When you talk about tea and its related products, there is none other than the name of Dilmah; it is the first name you remember. Dilmah tea Ceylon has already won the entire global market with its unique and traditional flavors with the modern essence. So, it is sure that any tea lover already read on Dilmah tea review. This article is not a common review on the so-called brand, but it highlights a fascinating overview and discussion on Dilmah tea Ceylon.



Beginning of Dilmah Tea Ceylon

Dilmah Ceylon tea company is unique and always values authentic taste as the company was started by the world’s most renowned teamaker Mr. Merrill J. Fernando. He dedicated his entire life to the world of tea by doing many experiments. As a young man, he joined the Ceylon tea industry in the early 1950 and worked under many manufacturers and cooperatives. With the vast experience and exposure he gained from nearly four decades, Mr. Fernando needed to disturb and break down the monopoly of a few large corporations that dominate the ownership of the Ceylon tea industry. Accordingly, Dilmah history of Ceylon tea was begun in 1988 as a family business.

Although Mr. Merrill J. Fernando is highlighted as the Dilmah tea owner, currently, his two sons, Dilhan and Malik are his pillows of success. With the young talent and old experience, the name of Dilmah has successfully achieved global success as the first ethically produced tea.

Currently, Dilmah tea has its own tea gardens in the hill country of Sri Lanka, establishing each Dilmah tea factory in those estates; Bearwell Estate, Claredon Estate, Dessford Estate, Great Western Estate, Holyrood Estate, Logie Estate, Maha Eliya Estate, Queensberry Estate, Radella Estate, etc. These tea gardens owned by Dilmah Ceylon tea company bring colossal reputation and acceptance to the Sri Lankan tea plantation industry.

Dilmah Tea Products

Dilmah has a wide range of tea products that keeps a unique, authentic flavor. They are famous for both traditional Ceylon black tea and green tea. At the same time, they have introduced many Dilmah tea flavours to the tea market with the Sri Lankan rural essence. As we highlight Dilma tea products, there are several categories; Dilmah Ceylon Green tea, Dilmah Arana Herbal tea & infusions, Dilmah organic tea, Dilmah premium Ceylon tea, Dilmah real tea cordial, and many more. You can find certain types of products that can be seen in the global market representing those categories. The most popular one is Dilamh tea bags. Apart from that, now there s a huge interest in Dilmah organic tea bags and Dilmah tea capsules.  Except for those mini tea bags, you can find Dilmah loose leaf tea called Dilmah tea box.

Dilmah tea in the global business

Dilmah tea, the world first ethically produced tea, has won the global market share establishing their business ventures worldwide covering all five continents. Although there are many competitors from other countries like India, China, Nigeria, or Ethiopia, with the high quality of supply, Dilmah tea is able to dominate the market of most Western countries.

Dilmah has its business ventures mainly in Japan, China, and Russia when it comes to Asia. In addition to these giant buyers, the organization reaches the other prominent Asian nations with their unique Dilmah tea flavours. Accordingly, you may find Dilmah tea Malaysia, Dilmah tea Singapore, Dilmah tea Hong Kong, Dilah tea Thailand, etc.

Not only those mentioned Asian countries but nowadays, the Middle East region also has a considerable market segment for Dilmah tea. Sometimes, the prominent airlines, hotels, and resorts, and tourism centers of the regions use the Dilmah brand as their official tea and beverage. Dilmah tea Qatar, Dilmah tea UAE and Dilmah tea Saudi Arabia are the key countries in the Middle East.

In addition to these countries, the USA, United Kingdom, Chile, France, Netherland, Poland, South Africa, Ukraine are the primary buyers of Dilmah tea. There is a high demand for Dilmah tea English Breakfast,  Dilamh organic tea, and Dilamah green tea in Europe.

Dilmah tea has a strong market share in the Australian continent. Both Australia and New Zealand are huge fans of Dilmah tea. They have widely spread networks. If you search Dilmah tea bags coles and Dilmah tea bags Woolworths, or even Dilmah extra strength tea bags Coles, you may find many Dilah tea products online also. Both Coles and Woolworths, two popular supermarket chains in Australia, promote the Dilmah tea products and provide online selling. Even Dilmah tea NZ offers massive income for the company.

As discussing the Dilmah tea products in the online marketing, now Dilmah tea online has become a most prominent way of business. Accordingly, anyone can visit the official site of Dilmah tea and buy the required products online. The price range is different from product to product, and Dilmah tea price starts with approximately USD 3, and the price may vary depending on the product and its size. Various products are from affordable to luxury type with a highly expensive price range. In addition to the official Dilmah tea site, you can visit other online sites like Amazon searching for Dilmah tea Amazon. Then you may find your favorite tea products under the name of Dilmah at a reasonable price.


The benefits of Dilmah tea

Finally, in mentioning the Dilmah tea benefits, its main advantage is the healthy nature. All the ingredients of Dilmah tea are natural and ethically produced with the maximum quality. No artificial flavors are added to the production, and always the Dilmah tea flavors come with a blend of pure Ceylon natural ingredients.

Most importantly, tea contains polyphenols, and they function as antioxidants. Thus the regular tea drinkers can overcome many degenerative diseases. Accordingly, it will be a great support to protect from heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. However, remember that if you are consuming green tea or black tea, cut off adding sugar. If you need to have a sweet flavor, just remember to use a small amount.

Many kinds of research indicate that green tea is effective for weight loss as well.

For your further clarification on the quality of Dilmah tea, some FAQ are answered below;

Is Dilmah a good tea brand?

The simple answer is yes, of course. Dilmah is considered the best tea brand in the world. It is rich and tastes in goodness as the high-quality ingredient are used. The Dilmah tea is full-flavored with a strong aroma, and this is the first ethically produced tea brand.

Where to buy Dilmah tea?

You can buy Dilmah tea from any kind of supermarket, or their special outlets. You can buy the product online as well by visiting their official website. In addition, Dilamh tea is available on some online selling platforms like Amazon.

Where is Dilmah tea from?

Dilmah tea is purely from Sri Lanka; that is why it is called pure Ceylon tea. The tea is grown in the hill country in Sri Lanka, the Central province. The company owns many tea gardens with factories.

Do Dilmah teabags contain plastic?

No. The Dilmah tea always uses eco-friendly biodegradable packing. Dilmah standard tea bags are composed mostly of natural cellulose fibers, and they do not contain plastic coating. Thus Dilmah tea bags meet strong health and safety standards.

What type of tea is Dilmah?

Dilmah tea is completely made from natural ingredients, and thus it can be introduced as garden fresh, unblended tea. On the other hand, the brand is the first ethical tea. There are different types of products under the Dilmah name, black tea, green tea, organic tea, herbal tea, etc.

Is there caffeine in Dilmah tea?

Generally, all the tea products contain caffeine naturally; however, in the Dilmah tea, there is only a medium level included. Thus there is no harm in having Dilmah tea.

Is Dilmah green tea caffeine-free?

It is a total myth that only black tea contains caffeine and green tea does not have. Both black and green tea under Dilmah name contains a medium level of caffeine, and there is no harm in consuming them. However, there is some Dilmah herbal tea that is caffeine-free.

Is Dilmah tea gluten-free?

Tea does not contain gluten. Accordingly, Dilmah is gluten-free, and all the other flavors and ingredients used for Dilmah beverages are also free from gluten.


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