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Ceylon green tea – A heavenly delight from Ceylon brought to you in a cup
 / Ceylon Tea  / Ceylon green tea – A heavenly delight from Ceylon brought to you in a cup
Ceylon green tea
16 Apr

Ceylon green tea – A heavenly delight from Ceylon brought to you in a cup

Ceylon tea, especially Ceylon Black tea, has gained quite a reputation over the past few decades all over the world. By maintaining the same quality and standards of the products, Ceylon green tea is establishing a name of its own in the global market. Eleven manufacturers currently produce Ceylon green tea in Sri Lanka. 

Ceylon green tea benefits include many health benefits along with the refreshing delight it brings to the taste buds.  Also, it is very easy to prepare at home any time you want. You can apply Ceylon green tea as an ingredient in your favourite recipes, such as green tea rice, cakes, ice cream, brownies, etc. You can use Ceylon green tea and its amazing properties for your scrubs. 

Ceylon green tea

Find the insights behind your choice! – Ceylon tea vs green tea – What is your favorite?

Ceylon tea comes under various categories like black, green, or white tea. Ceylon tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine in both black and green tea. Ceylon tea is quite popular for black tea. But many Ceylon tea companies started producing green tea, and Ceylon green tea has already gained considerable popularity among the global green tea consumers.

Wanna find the difference between Ceylon green tea vs black tea?

Both Ceylon green tea and black tea are made of the same plant, Camellia sinensis. But they differ from each other in many levels like color, taste, and odor. The main difference is that while the oxidation process is triggered when making Ceylon black tea, it is prevented when making Ceylon green tea. This results in Ceylon green tea being lighter. But both Ceylon green tea and Ceylon black tea have most of the same benefits.

green tea leaves


See what’s different! – Ceylon green tea vs green tea

While Ceylon green tea is of malty flavor just like any other green tea, Ceylon tea contains a hint of nutty flavor with its very bright and bold taste. Ceylon green tea contains more potassium than regular green tea.

Choose Organic Ceylon green tea for your healthy lifestyle

Twisted and curled Organic Ceylon green tea leaves unfurl with hints of floral and grassy notes and bright color with shades of olive. You can use this beverage with many light food choices. 

How Ceylon produces the perfect green tea for you

Green tea production in Sri Lanka has many different steps. Sri Lankan tea workers are very skilled and experienced in plucking tea leaves. After sorting and cleaning, the fresh leaves are steamed or pan-fried. Leaves are dried once before the rolling and once after the rolling. After shaping and styling, we get the final Ceylon green tea product. 

In the year 2020, Sri Lanka produced 2023 metric tons of Ceylon green tea. As many agree, Dilmah Tea produces the best green tea from Sri Lanka. A pack with 20 Dilmah green tea bags is sold for $5.25. Other than that, Ceylon green tea bags from Stuart green tea, Lipton green tea, and Damro green tea are sold for around $5.  


Why does a cup of Dilmah Ceylon green tea steal your heart?

Dilmah is the highest tea manufacturing company in Sri Lanka. Dilmah produces a series of various green tea products. They strongly believe in authenticity and ‘the concept of single-origin tea.’ Dilmah Pure Ceylon green tea, Dilmah green tea with jasmine, Dilmah Moroccan mint green tea, Pure Ceylon green tea with lemongrass, Pure Ceylon green tea with chamomile flowers, Pure Ceylon green tea ginger, Pure Ceylon green tea with Ceylon cinnamon, and Pure Ceylon green tea with cardamom are a list of few of the many green tea products created by Dilmah tea manufacturers. Dilmah Moroccan mint green tea benefits include having a delicious and refreshing natural minty flavor.  It can be used as a beverage that partners with both spicy and chocolate flavored foods and desserts. 

To bring you every pleasure you can have from a teacup, Dilmah green tea leaves are handpicked and processed with great care. Dilmah green tea prices differ from product to product but offered to you at an affordable rate starting around $5-$6.  Dilmah Ceylon green tea price in Sri Lanka starts around 1000.00 rupees. 

Enjoy the best cup of green tea with Zesta green tea 

Many Zesta green tea reviews state that it’s the best cup of tea they have enjoyed. Zesta is dedicated right from the beginning, where workers pluck tea leaves, to give their customers a world-class tea experience. Tannins, Caffeine, Vitamin B, C, and E are the main Zesta green tea ingredients.  

Does Zesta green tea contain caffeine?

Zesta green tea contains a small amount of caffeine, but it is significantly less than black tea or coffee. Zesta has a series of green tea products to match your taste. They are Green tea, Green tea gun powder, Green tea with jasmine exquisite brew, Zesta green tea infused with natural jasmine, Jasmin green tea, Peppermint and lemon green tea and Supreme green tea, etc. 

Lipton green tea is a picnic to the herbal garden

Unilever British multinational company established the Lipton tea brand in Ceylon. They produce 100% natural tea with a range of products for the customers to choose from. Many of the Lipton green tea products contain herbals offering consumers many health benefits along with the delight of tea.

Detox herbal supplement with green tea, Daily support herbal supplement with green tea, Matcha Green tea, Orange passionfruit jasmine green tea, Purple acai blueberry green tea, and Matcha green tea and ginger are examples of the various green tea products introduced by Lipton tea. Lipton pure green tea is for the customers who seek the classic taste of green tea, and Lipton green tea pure and light gives the customers the satisfaction of a classic green tea with absolutely no calories.  Lipton green tea benefits include having zero calories, having a refreshing smell and taste, having various options to choose and many more. Lipton green tea price starts from around $5. A Lipton pure green tea 20 bag pack costs $4.99.

Other than the companies mentioned above, Stassen is another company that produces Ceylon green tea. Stassen also provides a versatile product range. Their green tea is claimed to have a light and soothing flavor along with every other benefit given by green tea. They offer both loose leaf and teabag options with many flavors to choose from, like Stassen pure Ceylon green tea, Stassen lemon green tea, Stassen jasmine green tea, Stassen mint green tea, Stassen organic pure Ceylon green tea in different attractive pack sizes. 

Many customers state that it’s the best green tea they’ve had, and this green tea to be their favorite jasmine tea in their Stassen jasmine green tea review. Having the pleasant soothing jasmine scent to enhance the strong, energetic green tea experience is one of the many Stassen jasmine green tea benefits. This tea brings relaxation to the next level, giving you the relief you seek from just one cup of tea.



Is Ceylon green tea better than regular green tea?

Ceylon tea leaves contain a higher level of potassium than tea grown in other parts of the world. Potassium is a dire necessity for the human body, especially to reduce blood pressure and keep a healthy heart. Green tea from Ceylon is known to have qualities that prevent diabetes and aid weight loss. It comes with a great many flavors, many of them partnered with unique Ceylon herbs like Ceylon cinnamon to enhance your health. With the help of knowledge gained and perfected over decades Ceylon green tea bring heavenly delight onto your hand in a cup that soothes your body and soul.


How does Ceylon green tea compare to Senga green tea?


How to drink green tea?

Green tea is not just another hot beverage. It gives you many health and other benefits if you prepare and drink your green tea right. Follow these steps to brew a perfect cup of green tea from loose green tea.

  • Boil water just to reach a gentle boil or simmer. Then let it cool down for 30-60 seconds. The temperature of the water is very important for the taste of the tea.
  • Rinse your teapot with warm water so that the warmth of the tea will last long. 
  • Put the leaves into the pot first. 
  • Pour hot water into the pot. Pour an 8-ounce cup of water for each teaspoon of tea leaves to get the perfect taste.
  • Let the teapot rest for 1-3 minutes.
  • Many prefer white ceramic teacups for their tea for two main reasons. 
  1. You can see the color of tea in a white cup.
  2. Some materials affect the taste of tea, unlike ceramics, which will only bring out the tea’s taste.
  • Strain out the tea leaves while pouring tea into cups.
  • Use the cycle pouring style to distribute the taste of green tea into each cup equally. Cycle pouring is filling 1/3 of each cup in the first round, up to 2/3 in the next round, and filling the rest of the cup in the third round.
  • Enjoy your green tea.
  • If you are serving green tea, be considerate about how you present the tea. Many consider a full cup of tea, impolite. Generally, we pour 70% of the cup when serving beverages.

When you pair your green tea with meals or snacks, match your flavors well. Green tea can be taken with many sweet, savory, or plain food items depending on your favoritism.

Cup of Ceylon green tea


Where to buy Ceylon green tea

You can buy Ceylon green tea either online or from shops. As for online, you can buy Ceylon green tea from your favorite online shopping sites, including Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay. Also, many Ceylon tea companies offer you the facility to buy their products. For your ease of use, here are some sites to order your favorite green tea products.

Dilmah Ceylon green tea: https://shop.dilmahtea.com/our-teas/ceylon-green-tea

Zesta Ceylon green tea: https://www.zestaceylontea.com/product-category/tea-types/green-tea/

Lipton Ceylon green tea: https://www.lipton.com/us/en/our-teas/green-teas.html

If you are shopping for Ceylon green tea, here is a list of some supermarkets and stores.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Sam’s club
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar general
  • McKesson Corporation 

Is Ceylon green tea best?

Ceylon green tea is the best because of its energetic and, at the same time, soothing flavor. It’s a brew that brings pleasure to anyone who drinks. Ceylon green tea has many health benefits. It comes with a variety of flavors, some combining herbal flavors to correctly address the needs and favors of each and every customer. Ceylon green tea can be ordered online or bought from your favorite shops, supermarkets, and pharmacies.

Ceylon green tea makes a wonderful and elegant gift for anyone. You can pass your heartwarming feelings in a way to freshen and soothe their body and soul.

Ceylon green tea can be used to make many delicious food items like cake, ice cream, and many more.

Is Ceylon green tea good for you?

Any moment that you wish to enjoy the best cup of green tea, Ceylon green tea is there for you. You can choose from many flavors to match your needs and moods. Ceylon green tea is perfect for serving your guests. It  improves your health in many aspects. Even if you suffer from diabetes, you can enjoy a perfect cup of tea with Ceylon green tea. As an additional benefit, you can use Ceylon green tea for your face mask to get the smooth skin you wish for.

What does Ceylon green tea taste like?

Ceylon green tea has a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor to give you the ultimate experience of a green tea brew. Pure Ceylon green tea has a light but full nutty and malty flavor. It goes with many herbal flavors paving the way for a series of different flavored green tea products.


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